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C-star wishes you a Happy New Year!

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That is the time when the old year dies and the New Year is born. How was it in 2018? Do you have a vision for the future of 2019?


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Happiness is not too much, and there are many troubles. Year after year, the efforts have not stopped, the dreams are not forgotten, 2018 is full of sweat! At the end of 2018, no matter what happened yesterday, no matter how embarrassing it was yesterday, how helpless it is, how bitter it is, the past will not come again, nor can it change. Let yesterday take all the bitterness, all the tiredness, all the pains, and live the moment is the greatest treasure to life. Today is for hard work, and tomorrow is full of hope.


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Gamepad Sample Room

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Gamepad Factory


In 2019, we will continue to improve our business level and professional quality with a high degree of enthusiasm and positive working attitude, and work hard! I believe that with the efforts of all the family members of C-star, our company will have a better tomorrow! I believe that the company will be more brilliant next year!


Finally, I wish you all a happy New Year!

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