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"Fallout 4" returns to XBOX next week

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In June 2018, "Fallout 4" announced the join of the Xbox Game Pass, but with the launch of "Fallout 76" in mid-November, "Fallout 4" was removed from the subscription service. A few months after leaving, "Fallout 4" has recently announced that it will return to the Xbox Game Pass this month, on March 14.


Xbox posted an announcement on the website: "Take your shiny power armor back to the Xbox Game Pass! "Fallout 4" will take you back to the Federation to find your missing son. In the game you will be able to explore the wasteland The world, fighting the evil death claws, gains new abilities to reshape the fate of Post-Apocalypse Boston. The more you explore in the game, the more you will harvest, so don't ignore any corners on the map. After all, There is always another colony that needs your help."


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It is unclear whether this "Fallout 4" will increase permanently, but it seems that this is possible. The retract of "Fallout 4" in November was mainly to increase the sales of the new product "Fallout 76", but after a few months, Bethesda no longer has to consider this issue, after all, the release of this new game has been a problem. Heavy.


Xbox players who love post-apocalyptic games may wish to take the opportunity to download and experience the world of waste in the world of "Fallout".

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