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Global Sources Electronics opened on the April 11th, C-star booth attracts attention

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The world's largest electronics procurement event - The Global Sources Electronics Show opened on the April 11th at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong. This year's Electronic Fair was held in two phases: "Consumer Electronics Show" and "Mobile Electronics Show". The 6,600 booths showcased the latest electronic products to the industry and gathered exhibitors from Greater China, South Korea and other Asian regions. Over 800 new exhibitors were exhibited at this exhibition. The scale continues to grow!


As a regular customer of the Global Sources Electronics Show, C-star has arrived at this spring expo, and this time brings us a gamepad, game steering wheel, AR, VR, balance wheel, electric skateboard, and electric bike. The product, which includes several new products, has attracted a large number of enthusiasts to stop and experience the game. Among them, the most notable non P01 Small Europe electric bike and Switch supporting NS-9822 game steering wheel.


The first stage booth number is 1E17 and 6M37. Here are the highlights of the first day of the show.


Global Sources Electronics


6M37 game equipment booth

C-star Balance wheel

1E17 Balanced wheel Product Booth

C-star Hong Kong Exhibition

Staff members introduce products to customers

Mario Kart 8

C-star game steering wheel

A customer is using the NS-9822 game steering wheel to experience Mario Kart

C-star Electric bike

P01 Small Europe electric bike Show

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