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"Mafia: Definitive Edition" postponed until the end of September

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This morning, the developers of "Mafia: Definitive Edition" Hangar 13 and publisher 2K issued the following statement:


"Mafia: Definitive Edition" will be released worldwide on September 25. Although we originally planned to release the game one month in advance on August 28th, affected by the current new coronavirus epidemic, it is difficult for us to make all preparations in time before the original release date, and we do not want to sacrifice the player's game experience Quality comes at the cost of timely release, so the decision was finally made.


At the beginning of the project, we had unlimited passion for this project. A considerable number of developers have participated in the production of the original "Mafia". We are also committed to recreating this classic for everyone, so that everyone can get a more perfect game experience. Thank you for your patience and understanding during the production of "Mafia: Definitive Edition". We have also invested our best in creating the highest level of games for fans around the world.

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