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Microsoft and 8BitDo cooperate to develop xCloud alternative controller compatible with Android

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Microsoft plans to launch its xCloud game streaming service later this year as part of the Xbox Game Pass (XGP) subscription content. The accessory manufacturer appears to be ready, and the company that specializes in the development of retro and modern style replaceable gamepads, 8BitDo, has transformed its retro-looking NES gamepad to serve Microsoft's xCloud program.


This mini Bluetooth controller is designed to be compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets, and has been officially licensed as an alternative controller for xCloud and Xbox. The built-in battery can be used for about 18 hours, and has a USB-C port to charge. The handle even comes with an adjustable position fixing bracket to fix the phone on it.


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8BitDo has cooperated with Microsoft to ensure that it can better replace the Xbox controller and is fully compatible with the functions required by xCloud. There will even be a separate software at that time, allowing users to customize the button mapping and adjust the joystick and trigger sensitivity. The handle supports configuration files that can be loaded and switched between custom button schemes.


The $44.99 Xbox Xbox controller "SN30 Pro" will start accepting pre-orders on Amazon today, and the device will ship on September 21. The September release date selected by the controller has nothing to do with Microsoft's own xCloud release plan, which is part of the XGP subscription project later this year.


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