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Microsoft announces that Xbox Live is available for any iOS or Android game

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Microsoft brings the Xbox Live network to iOS and Android devices. The software giant is launching a new cross-platform mobile software development kit (SDK) for game developers to apply Xbox Live functionality to games running on iOS and Android. Xbox Live features such as achievements, game cores, hero data, friends lists, clubs, and even some home settings are available for iOS and Android.


All of this is part of Microsoft's greater efforts to make its Xbox games and services available across multiple platforms. Gamers will be able to select a part of Xbox Live and integrate it into the game, and all of this will be enabled via a login to Microsoft account. Microsoft is using its identity network to support login, privacy, online security and child accounts.


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Microsoft wants game developers to adopt a similar Minecraft approach to bring Xbox Live to more mobile games. Some iOS and Android games have achieved Xbox Live achievements, but currently they are only enabled in Microsoft Studio games, this new SDK will open Xbox Live features for more games.


If you want to see Xbox Live on a Nintendo console, you may have to wait longer. Microsoft said its goal is to truly unite the world's 2 billion players. Running Xbox Live on PlayStation4 seems unlikely, but if Sony is willing, Microsoft is willing to accept this idea.

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