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Microsoft demonstrates Project xCloud streaming service

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Microsoft officially announced the beautiful Phantom White Xbox controller in today's Inside Xbox program, and finally officially announced the "Halo: Reach" collection of "Halo: The Master Chief Collection" landing PC (Win10, STEAM), another highlight It is Microsoft that showed Project xCloud.


Project xCloud is Microsoft's game streaming service that allows players to play XBOX games upstream of their mobile phones.


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"The Project xCloud we are developing is not intended to replace the game console, but as a way to provide the same choice and flexibility for those who like music and games today. We are adding more ways for people to play Xbox games. We love to be a host connected to a full support for HDR and surround sound 4K TV, this way of hosting the game we will continue to retain. At the same time we also believe that give players more choices, let them decide when and how to play ""


“Project xCloud is part of our player-centric vision for a gaming experience, giving players more choices on how and when to play. We will share more about this technology and us in the coming months. The progress made includes the first details and when you can help test in the real world."


About the launch time of the Project xCloud streaming service, you may have to wait a while.

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