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Most of the launch of "Pokemon Unite" is attributed to Tencent or the launch of this championship

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Japanese media dime announced an interview article on "Pokemon Unite" today, and Twitter broke the news that ZhugeEX made a summary of the main points of this article in English.


The contents are as follows:

• It is difficult to expand Pokémon to other types (Genres). The launch of "Pokemon Unite" is largely due to Tencent's expertise;

•  "Pokemon Unite" is a "strategic team battle game" and not just another MOBA game;

• The game release date is undecided;

• The game is aimed at all Pokémon fans, including new fans, old people and young people;

• The mobile terminal of this game type has been popular among young people in China/Eastern;

• The Switch version of the game is launched for North America/Western, because players who prefer physical key control rather than touch screen are considered;

• In the early stage of the game, I will not focus on e-sports, but if the player group develops in this direction, then this game may become an e-sports game;

• There may be tournaments like "Pokken Tournament".


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In "Pokemon Unite", players will be divided into two teams in the form of 5V5 to compete. In the limited time, they will win more points than the opponent team. In the game, players need to help each other with their teammates to capture wild Pokémon, upgrade Pokémon's level to complete the evolution, or defeat the opponent's Pokémon. "Pokemon Unite" is a free game, including in-app purchases, and the game is available on Switch/iOS/Android.

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