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News says Sony will not restrict PS5 from running untested PS4 games

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At an online event in April this year, Sony PS officially introduced some of the features of the next-generation console PS5. The backward compatibility with PS4 games mentioned in it has confuses the industry and players because Sony has not clearly stated that PS5 is compatible with PS4 games. How it works and the number of compatible games. According to the latest news, PS5 is compatible with all PS4 games.


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In previous live events, Sony said that more than 100 well-known PS4 games will be compatible at the beginning of the PS5 release, and they are still continuing to test. This makes players wonder whether all PS4 games can be compatible with PS5 by default, or do they still need to wait for the official Sony PS test?


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According to a message posted on his personal Twitter by the well-known anchor Lance McDonald, PS5 can run all PS4 games without a whitelist. Although Sony is still testing compatibility, it will not prevent PS5 users from running PS4 games that have not been tested. . The above news was deleted after it was published, but Lance McDonald is believed to have an internal relationship with Sony, and the news should have a certain degree of credibility.


Previously, PS4 and PS5 system architect Mark Cerny revealed that some PS4 game codes "cannot be processed at all" due to the increased frequency of PS5, so PS5 compatible PS4 games must be tested individually.

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