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Next-generation Switch models may support NVIDIA DLSS 2.0

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According to media reports, judging from a recent job posting, the successor products of the Nintendo Switch host may add NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 support.
According to this new job posting, NVIDIA is looking for a senior embedded software engineer for the Tegra solution engineering team to work on "next generation graphics and AI technology for game consoles and AI edge devices." The new engineer will work on "solutions using artificial intelligence in NVIDIA's DLSS 2.0 graphics technology."
Although the recruitment itself does not mean that the new Nintendo Switch will support DLSS 2.0, the host supporting it or any other image reconstruction technology can to a large extent enable the host to process higher resolutions than the GPU while maintaining a lower resolution. Cost, which is consistent with Nintendo’s current practice.
Earlier this year, Digital Foundry also conducted some tests to see how the DLSS AI upgrade can benefit the current Nintendo Switch games, which is said to be very effective. Taking into account the cooperation between Switch and NVIDIA, and the "game console" mentioned in the information, this is likely to refer to the new Switch model.
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