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Nintendo: Microsoft Sony is not an opponent, we are fighting the entertainment industry.

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I am not targeting anyone, I just said that everyone here is not my opponent.


Nintendo has a very unique position in the game industry. First of all, it is the oldest and most senior of the three major console manufacturers in the market. It never pursues the lead in hardware performance, but it is always refreshing in creative design. . Their first-party game software is also very appealing. There are many high-quality masterpieces that are enough to convince players to start a new host with the power of one of their works. And with the success of Switch, Nintendo is now also building a healthy third party. Supported by low-level and independent game development teams.


So Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo's US department, believes that neither the PS4 nor the Xbox One are direct competitors to Switch. In an interview, he said that Nintendo's opponents are all activities that may occupy the user's entertainment time, because Nintendo's basic goal is a broader user community.


“Our competitors are all other activities that take up user entertainment time. In terms of minutes, the time you spend browsing the web, watching movies, and watching the conferences is all the entertainment time we need to compete. Our competitors are more competitive than direct competition. The relationship between Sony and Microsoft is broader. We compete for time, so to be competitive we must rely on creativity and innovation."


The words are very beautiful. Nintendo has never competed directly with Microsoft Sony. They seem to have been at the pace of their own, never participated in the hardware arms race. Although they have encountered setbacks and lows, they have proved more than once. Your own creative value. What kind of development will Nintendo in the next few years is really exciting.

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