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Nintendo is expected to hold a new round of Direct in the near future

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Nintendo's game fans have been speculating this year when the next Direct will be held. Since the former president Satoshi Iwata introduced this new way of directly disseminating information to players, Nintendo Direct will have been highly regarded. However, since more than a year has passed since the previous Direct, Nintendo only used Direct mini to perfuse players. According to the latest news, it seems that Nintendo will hold a new round of Direct in the near future.
Through the web page update record query, the Nintendo official website's Direct page has been updated recently. This action usually occurs a few days or weeks before the Direct is held. For example, two days before the Mario 35th anniversary Direct, the archive page of the Direct was updated once.
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Recently, various sources pointed out that Nintendo will hold a Direct during the Tokyo Game Show, when the new Monster Hunter from CAPCOM will be officially unveiled. Considering that the scale and duration of Nintendo's recent Direct are not traditional Direct, and they were all released suddenly without notice, so this Monster Hunter Direct may also be released suddenly.
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