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Nintendo new patent exposure: official mobile phone case becomes GameBoy?

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Earlier this year, Nintendo applied for a new patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office, which appears to be a Game Boy case for capacitive touch screen devices. The idea behind this patent seems to be that it is easy to play the Game Boy game after the case.


Nintendo phone case.jpg

GB case.jpg

gameboy case.jpg


The details of the patent are as follows:


- One feature of the housing is that the input of the physical button can be sensed via the touch screen below the button

- Whether it's bare or wearing non-conductive gloves

- The opening of the housing is the same as the regular Game Boy screen

- The patent indicates that the game will use the touch screen to display content so that the game can be played using the cover attached to the touch screen device

- The button uses the conductive sheet below. When the small piece at the bottom touches the touch screen, the touch screen can sense the input, just like feeling the human finger.

- The case also opens a small opening for the front camera and device speakers

- The top and bottom of the phone are not blocked, so the user can connect the device to a speaker or USB device

- Camera and speakers can be used normally


Although it seems that this case is only for smartphones, it can provide other features, even "additional to other electronic devices such as tablets without phone functions."

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