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Nintendo registered a new trademark: Monpoke

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Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures are the three companies that are very familiar to the "Pokémon" series of players, and the founder of the "Pokémon" brand. The three companies jointly established Pokémon Company recently submitted a new application for trademark registration. According to Japanese media reports, the three companies registered in Japan under the trademark name - Monpoke.


That's right, Monpoke, reversed Pokemon. Does this mean that the new "Pokémon" new game of the Switch will have a major reversal in the series tradition?


Anyway, we don't know what the trademark really means, but the logo also has a logo, which looks like the picture above. It is widely speculated on the Internet that this trademark represents a new commodity line. After all, "Pokémon" can be very strong in carrying goods. It is a fool to have money. No one knows what kind of work will suddenly be thrown in the next step of the series, just like the original "Detective Pikachu".


In short, it should take too long to have an answer.

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