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Nintendo shareholders meeting asked about next-generation gaming consoles

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  Nintendo published the answer to the 80th general meeting of shareholders on June 30. Q&A mentioned the question about the next generation of Nintendo consoles.


  Q7 mentioned Nintendo's question about the next-generation consoles outlook: the current hardware is played on TV or other screens, and then how to display the form, has Nintendo considered making hardware that exceeds this limit?


President Furukawa replied that the current game console Switch has been released for four years, and the popularity trend has been increasing. I think there are two reasons in its background: First, because there are two different characteristics of Switch and Switch Lite Another reason for the existence of hardware is that Nintendo has concentrated the company's development resources on one Switch platform for software development. When making the most effective use of these points, I want to extend the life cycle of the Switch.


  Director Shioda said that Nintendo's game consoles are more focused on how to make players enjoy the game more happily than the performance level (technical specification height). Regarding the point of view of playing games on the TV, because the Switch can be played on the TV or the screen that comes with the machine, compared with the previous game machines, it allows players to have more opportunities to play in various scenes of life. A lot. Up to now, through the Switch, there are many new discoveries that the original gaming machine can enter the customer's life in this form. Seeing the scene of children and family around the game console on social networks will once again feel the value of our game console. We want to make good use of these experiences while thinking about how the future game consoles should develop.

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