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Nintendo sues Switch cracking tool retailer

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According to Polygon reports, last week, Nintendo filed two lawsuits in the Ohio federal court against nine online stores selling Switch hacks and mods. The first lawsuit was against UberChips, an online retailer, and the second lawsuit was against anonymous defendants on several websites. They were accused of manipulating Uberchips.com website, through which hackers and mods were sold to the public.


Nintendo stated: "Tom Dilts Jr. and Uberchips LLC operate a website on UBERCHIPS.COM, through which they provide equipment to the public, whose sole purpose is to invade the Nintendo Switch to enable people to play pirated video games" "especially The defendant ’s website sells products from the anonymous hacker group “Team Xecuter.” The Xecuter team illegally designed and manufactured an unauthorized operating system “SX OS” with accompanying pirated tools to install it. ”


Nintendo believes that the equipment sold by Uberchips violates the DMCA terms. These include Team-Xecuter's SX Pro dongle released in 2018.


Late last year, Nintendo released an updated version of Switch and Switch Lite. At present, these devices have not been cracked, but this situation is about to change. Team-Xecutor has released new SX Core and SX Lite chips, which can be used on all Switch.


Uberchips is one of the "authorized distributors" that have accepted the booking. Within a day, the first batch of products accepted for booking was sold out, with about 342 customers, and then two new scheduled batches. The UberChips website is currently offline. The other websites listed in the second lawsuit are still running, and the Nintendo Switch crack kit is priced at $ 47.99. The site also sells SNES Classic, PlayStation Mini, Nintendo 3DS and Game Boy Advance products.


Nintendo hopes to receive a compensation of USD 2,500 from each order involved in this case and permanently ban these sites.

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