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October 2018 C-star Global Sources Electronics Show Review

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Global Sources Electronics Show is the world's largest electronics procurement event! More than 7,500 booths will be held in the "Consumer Electronics Show" and "Mobile Electronics Show", which will be held at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong in April and October each year.


As one of the world-class exhibitions, it has attracted buyers from all over the world. Suppliers and brand companies from China and Asia show their excellent products on this platform and find suitable partners.


Of course, C-star also appeared on the exhibition site as always, let's review it together.


Global Sources.jpg

Global Sources.jpg


handicap scooters.jpg

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shenzhen Cstar.jpg

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The author came to the exhibition site for the second time. Strolled around the scene, compared with the last time, many products were found to change appearance, and a small number of enterprises made micro-innovation in the original product structure.


It is understood that a few manufacturers said that the exhibition effect is good, most manufacturers said that the future is more confused, the reason may be that the balance of car products in recent years, the heat subsided, the heat of small-scale products decreased; in addition, too little innovation, suspension shoes is an innovation, but new There must always be a running-in period for the product, but the timing is not yet there? At present, there is no incentive to stimulate buyers; there is also a China-US trade war, which has a greater impact on companies exporting to European and American markets.


shared scooter.jpg


At this exhibition, the most popular one should be the overseas shared scooter project, so many booths are selling scooters, Will it be a business opportunity?

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