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"Ori" developer: PS5 super high-speed SSD is only suitable for first-party games

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Thomas Mahler, founder and creative director of Moon Studios, the developer of the "Ori" series, said that the PS5 super-speed SSD is only suitable for first-party games, and third parties will develop games in accordance with common standards.


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Thomas Mahler said on the ResetEra forum: "If most third-party game developers do not develop games with the lowest common standards, I will be shocked. I mean, just because PS5 loads faster, (third-party development team) With this as the standard for developing games, this possibility is almost zero, not only because the development of games based on the PS5 SSD is too expensive, but also the workload is too large.


The PS5 ultra-fast solid-state drive is pretty good for first-party games, but it doesn't make any economic sense to adjust the game's development standards a lot to adapt to a particular platform. On the PC and Xbox, the development team has to deal with the game again. So this is 2 platforms to 1 platform. The situation that everyone thinks will happen is extremely unlikely. "


This is not the first time. Developers discuss the impact of next-generation consoles on game development. Some developers have previously stated that the new features (stronger specifications) of Microsoft's next-generation console Xbox Series X will only make Xbox Benefit from exclusive games.


The developer said: "I think this is the most important for Xbox exclusive games, because all developers who develop multi-platform games are limited by the minimum specification target hardware, so the only advantage I can imagine is that the Xbox Series X is higher. The specifications (functions) will make its exclusive game more stable at higher resolutions."

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