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PS5 hardware details exposure: AMD Navi architecture + Zen processor

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The media SemiAccurate said that they have received the news of PlayStation5 and that Sony will continue to cooperate with AMD. The new console may be officially unveiled in 2018.
According to reports, the PS5 will use Navi, the 7nm technology graphics card that AMD has not announced yet, as its basic architecture, but it does not directly use Navi. CPU will also use AMD custom Zen processor.
According to the prediction of the upstream industry chain, Sony PS5 will be released soonest around 2019 (at the end of 2018 or early 2019).
I believe that PS5 is unlikely to be released so early listing, after all, PS4 has just entered the heyday of profitability, Sony will make a profit in these two years. From a rational point of view, the author believes that the 2020 will only wait until the release of the PS5 game console.
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