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PS5 officially released, divided into dual versions

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At today's PS5 conference, Sony showed off the PS5 console, a bold two-tone design that is completely different from previous PlayStation consoles, marking a brand new starting point. PS5 will launch two options: a standard model equipped with an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive, and a digital model without an optical drive, offering players an unprecedented choice when it is released.


Sony Interactive Entertainment also announced a series of new PS5 peripheral devices to further enhance the player's gaming experience. include:


PS5 Accessories.jpg


· PULSE 3D wireless earphone set: support 3D sound effect and equipped with dual anti-noise microphone;

· HD camera: equipped with dual 1080p lens, allowing players to add their own screen while broadcasting the wonderful game screen;

· Media remote control: a remote control with a built-in microphone that allows users to easily browse movies and streaming services; and

· DualSense charging base: can conveniently charge 2 DualSense wireless controllers.


"With the help of PlayStation 5, we are making a major leap forward to launch a truly new generation of revolutionary gaming experience, which redefines people's expectations for games," said Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. "The game world will change It will be richer and more beautiful, and will indulge you in a way you never imagined. Lightning loading speed will bring a smooth and seamless experience. Today’s conference is just a glimpse of the next generation host, I want to again Thank you PlayStation players for joining us on the PS5 release journey."

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