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PS5 or will support backward compatibility Sony's new patent "Leak"

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Sony has signed up for a new patent and seems ready to offer backward compatibility with the PS5. The patent was updated on October 2nd to describe how to add new resources and use high-resolution display without recompiling the old game.


The patent is registered by Sony Entertainment, Inc., the parent company of the PlayStation brand. A summary of the patent is as follows: Each resource (such as a texture) called by a legacy software (such as a previous PC game) has a unique identifier associated with it. This unique identifier can be defined by using a hash algorithm on the resource and stored in the data structure along with the resource. The artist can redraw the texture and then store the newly drawn texture along with the identifier in the data structure in order to display it at a higher resolution than the original game preset. The original game is then run on a high-resolution screen, while the call request for the resource (such as texture) is intercepted and identified, then the newly created resource with the matching identifier is retrieved through the data structure, and the newly created resource is inserted in real time. In the demo of the game.


This text sounds a lot like running the old game on a new host, which is the backward compatibility that everyone expects. Xbox One is highly regarded for its support for Xbox and Xbox 360 games. If Sony's PS5 does the same, it is definitely a good thing for players.

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