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PSN rename function or soon coming to the game studio is compatible with debugging

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PlayStation players have been looking forward to the PSN ID renaming function, and according to Kotaku, they received news from anonymous developers of several different game studios. The renaming function of PSN is being prepared and will soon be available. Officially launched.


These developers are responsible for multiplayer mode in their respective game projects. They have been fixing bugs and debugging in recent months to ensure that the game is compatible with Sony's PSN rename feature.


Some of them also showed Kotaku a photo taken from Sony's internal documents (not publicly available on the Internet). One of the documents is a guide to help users change the PSN name. The "Edit User Name" option will be displayed in the PSN data. .


Players have a lot of voices about the renaming function of PSN. Yoshida Shuiping said in 2015 that this function is indeed under study, but in 2017 Sony executive Shawn Layden also admitted that the development of this function is not technically easy. At the beginning of 2018, Sony officially sent a survey to users about "consider adding a modified PSN name." What is certain is that Sony has been working on this feature, but as Kotaku has predicted, its compatibility with different games can be a big problem, and Sony needs to work with multi-party game studios.

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