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PlayStation executives: PS5 is bulky because of heat dissipation

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Recently, some netizens interacted with Matt MacLaurin, vice president of UX design at PlayStation, through LinkedIn. The netizen asked why the PS5 is so huge. MacLaurin replied: mainly to solve the heat dissipation problem.


ps5 controller.jpg


In response to the question from netizens "Why are PS5 consoles bigger than PS4", MacLaurin replied that this is for "Thermals". MacLaurin said that this generation of consoles is a "small supercomputer". In terms of power, the 7nm process brings amazing heat performance, the power is very extreme.


In another comment, MacLaurin stated that since this is a new technology that also generates a lot of heat, "we need space to dissipate heat."


MacLaurin also talked about the appearance of the PS5 in the message: "As we said in the industry,'This design shows a strong claim', it doesn't matter if not everyone likes it. The effect of the special version customization It will be unprecedented, and I saw on the Reddit forum that the wooden simulated by netizens looks great."

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