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"Red Dead: RedemptionⅡ" PS4 preemptive experience content announcement: guns and horses can not be less

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Red Dead: Redemption


Long ago, Rockstar Games has announced to players that "Red Dead: RedemptionⅡ" will have a PS4 preemptive experience, that is, part of its content will be obtained 30 days ahead of the Xbox One version. Now it will be available in less than a month, and developers are beginning to promote PlayStation 30-day experience.


From the picture below we can see that Rockstar first preemptive experience item for PS4 players is the "Grizzly Desperate Set", which players can use in the plot mode for the main character Arthur Morgan. With the launch of "Red Dead OL" in November, players on the PS4 "Red Dead: RedemptionⅡ" can get a versatile Arabian Liangzhu with 30 days in advance, with a crocodile saddle. The last item is High Roller. Revolver.


Red Dead: Redemption


We have already reported for you before. Rockstar Games is still biased towards the Sony platform in the promotion of "Red Dead: RedemptionⅡ". The decision to limit the time of the props is almost accompanied by the announcement of the sequel. Not to mention that Sony also announced the "Red Dead: RedemptionⅡ" PS4 Pro 1TB bundled version two weeks ago.


Although Rockstar and Sony are very embarrassed, Microsoft players don't have to be too uncomfortable. It has been reported that the Xbox One X version of this game will run in native 4K, pushing the game to the technical limit. So if you look at it this way, the versions of the two platforms are still different.


"Red Dead: RedemptionⅡ" will be released on October 26, 2018, landing on the PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

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