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"SEGA Genesis Classics" with 50 MD classic games landing Switch

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Everyone knows that players have bought a lot of nostalgic games that game makers have launched on the Switch platform. Before SNK, CAPCOM and SEGA have announced the launch of classic game collections on the Switch platform. Today, SEGA announced that it will launch a collection of nostalgic games including 50 MD games, "SEGA Genesis Classics" on the Switch platform.


The Mega Drive game console launched by SEGA is called "Sega 5th Generations" by players in China. This time, the "SEGA Genesis Classics" released on the Switch platform contains 50 classic games of the MD platform, including Sonic, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Phantasy Star, Shining Force and other series of masterpieces. These 50 games support Switch local split-screen games, online games, achievement systems, mirror mode, instant archiving, and quick exit.


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The "SEGA Genesis Classics" will be launched on Switch this winter and will be released with physical cassettes and digital versions.

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