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Sony may impose purchase restrictions on PS5: the source code implies that one person can only pre-order one

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According to wccftech news, Reddit user Kgarvey found information about PS5 in the source code of the PlayStation Direct store website today. This "error report information" shows that Sony may implement a purchase restriction policy for the PS5 console.
According to Kgarvey's analysis, Sony may impose strict restrictions on pre-orders for PS5, and players can only choose between the CD-ROM version and the digital version of the console. And the leaked source code of PlayStation Direct appears to add PS5 to the shopping cart, then this may mean that the time for the console to officially open for pre-order is not far away. Sony previously stated that PS5 pre-orders will not be opened suddenly and will definitely be notified in advance, so players do not need to queue up in a hurry.
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In addition, the source code of PlayStation Direct also exposed a new label "PS5 Compatible" compatible with PS5. Kgarvey believes that this should be a confirmation that PS4 games compatible with the PS5 console will carry this label, and this also means that not all PS4 games are compatible with PS5. However, he did not say anything to death. "PS5 Compatible" may also be used only on console accessories, such as PS5 compatible DS4 controllers, etc., so its function remains to be seen.
Bloomberg broke the news in mid-July this year that Sony plans to increase PS5 production to 10 million units in order to respond to the surge in host demand during the epidemic. In order to help as many people as possible to buy consoles, it is also a reasonable policy to implement purchase restrictions.
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