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Spanish retailer suspected of leaking PS5 price

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Microsoft has already released the price of its next-generation console Xbox Series X/S, while Sony hasn't moved for a long time, most likely it will be announced at the PS5 conference on September 17. Now there are rumors that Spanish retailers have leaked the price of the PS5. The drive-free version is priced at 399 euros, and the full version is priced at 499 euros.
According to screenshots released by netizens on Reddit, the internal page of a Spanish retailer's own system showed the prices of two unnamed consoles, priced at 399/499 euros respectively. So many people speculated that these two unnamed consoles were drive-free version PS5 and full version PS5.
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Of course, this is just rumors. Sony has also decided to hold an online press conference on September 17, when the price of PS5 may be officially announced.
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