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"Super Mario 64" hides 24 years of character exposure

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According to IGN reports, the time of the recent Nintendo source code leaks has caused a lot of noise, and the material of some classic Nintendo games has also been leaked. It also includes such news: Luigi may initially plan to become a playable character in Super Mario 64.
It is said that the early version of "Super Mario 64" is called "Ultra Mario Brothers", which contains Luigi's files. Some mod makers have used these files to start recreating characters, and achieved good results.
For example, in @ComerMedal's work, Luigi's head and Mario's body are joined together, which looks a little weird.
Below is the complete model of Luigi's Super Mario 64 shared by @SpangleZeKankle.
Shigeru Miyamoto previously stated in an interview that Nintendo plans to add Luigi to a small "Mario" style game, but because most users may only have one controller when buying the N64, Nintendo finally gave up this plan.
The leak of Luigi is only a small part of this incident. The prototypes and materials of the "Mario" series, "Starfox 2" and other games have also been leaked, as well as the source code of a number of N64 games.
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