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Take-Two boss: We will let more old games land on the next generation console

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The next generation host is getting closer and closer to us, and everyone is constantly bombarded and refreshed by relevant information. Sony's PS5 and Microsoft's Xbox Series X will be released this Christmas. Of course, games for these two consoles will also be launched. Among them, there will be existing series of new games, cross-generation games, new IP games, and of course, re-released old games. In this case, the CEO of Take-Two Interactive seems to see an excellent opportunity for their old games to achieve this "master leap."
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According to Gamingbolt, in the quarterly financial conference call, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick mentioned the announcement of "GTA5" that will be launched on PS5 (and later on XSX). Then, he said that he was certain that some of their other old games would also be on the next-generation console, but the specific situation was ultimately determined by their publishing company and studio.
"As for the other old games that you mentioned will be brought to the next generation of consoles, we always like to hand over the decision and declaration rights to our studio, but I believe there will be more and more soon Related news."
This already clearly shows Strauss attitude, but of course, we still don't know what the old games here are. Considering that XSX and PS5 will be backward compatible with Xbox One and PS4 respectively, so whether the game will be remastered at present is also Unknowns. Since it is in the hands of studios and distribution companies, we can only wait and see.
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