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The PlayStation Japan production line drops a PS4 every 30 seconds

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Nikkei Asian recently published an interview with a little-known PlayStation factory in Kisarazu, Japan, where a PS console came off the production line almost every 30 seconds.
This 31.4-meter-long production line was completed in 2018. It is basically a fully automatic assembly line. Only a few employees are responsible for passing the motherboard to the production line and packaging the host. All other process steps are completed by the Mitsubishi robot arm.
According to the introduction, 26 of all 32 manipulators are specifically responsible for the complex operations of jumper and cable level.
"The installation of the cable requires one robotic arm to grab the cable and the other to rotate. Then the two ends of the cable need to be inserted into the correct position with the correct pressure. It may be very simple for humans. It is a very complicated operation," an engineer said. "There may not be a second place where the robotic arm can be manipulated like this."
Sony's production process is always mysterious. This is the first time the public has the honor to learn the details of the PlayStation production line. Nikkei Asia pointed out that part of the production line is highly confidential even to Sony's own employees.
This factory will also be regularly updated and improved so that hardware production will remain profitable despite the current economic downturn and the slowdown in sales at the end of the PS4 generation.
Next is the turn of the PS5 production line and put it into production.
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