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The Result of PK in the Hundred Group Battle

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                      The result of PK in the Hundred Group Battle



In this month of PK, all the talented solders of C-STAR Industrial Limited tried their best to make their promise come true without rest. Everyone hopes to be beyond self.



We experienced the nervous of PK, and the low atmosphere. But we also had the happiness of getting achievements. This is believed to be the true meaning of this activity. It makes us improve and understand the meaning of team, and it makes our hearts be closer through coming true our goals. So we should say thanks to ourselves who are struggling hard, whats more, say thanks to our clients for their support, and we should be thankful for our colleagues, and say thanks to our opponents too.



The result of this PK: in this month, our company goal is RMB4300 thousand, and our rate of achieving goal is 110.78%. C-STAR Industrial Limited ranks fifth in the 50 big companies. Our sales rank sixth in more than 500 sales.



SHENCHUANGGAOKE, our separate opponents goal is 2100 thousand, and their rate of achieving goal is 122.94%. Because we concerned the rate of achieving goal, so we lose to them regretfully. But exactly the competition makes us stronger,we will be the king in the future!



We have a group of brothers with affection and loyalty, and made a unforgettable fight in this PK activity. Happiness, because we are a team that harts are together! Come on, the families of C-STAR! We will win the glories that belong to ourselves!




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