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The former producer of R Star explained why "GTA6" has not yet been announced

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At the Sony PS5 conference, R Star announced that "GTA5" will land on the next-generation console PS5, but did not announce "GTA6", which somewhat disappointed players. Former R star game producer Darion Lowenstein explained why R star still has not announced the latest series of "GTA6".


Darion Lowenstein said on Tik-Tok: "Since I used to make games on R Star, many people asked me why, at the PS5 conference, we got an upgraded version of GTA5 instead of GTA6. To be honest, from development From a perspective, there are many reasons. I have developed many games for the new console, which is really difficult. The technology has been changing and it is difficult to develop a 3A game when the new console is launched."


Then Lowenstein remarked that for R star, porting "GTA5" is an easy and safe choice.


"Second, as I said before, constantly updating an existing game to make it more beautiful, the cost is much lower, and it is much easier than the brand new game. So I guess, GTA6 is just not ready, And within one year of PS5 launch, GTA5 can provide a lot of income and a gaming experience that everyone likes."


R Star said on the official website that "GTA5" will land in "new generation consoles". Because of the use of plurals (consoles), players can also expect "GTA5" to land on Xbox Series X.

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