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"Xenoblade Chronicles 2" developer new RPG exposure recruiting hot start

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Recently, Monolith Soft, the developer of "Xenoblade Chronicles 2", which has been well received on Switch, has started recruiting again. The information shows that their development department is preparing a brand new RPG game. However, the current progress of the project is still unknown. As for whether it is not The new work of "Xenoblade Chronicles" is also unknown.


Monolith Soft currently requires programmers, planners, visual technicians, designers, artists and role designers, etc. In addition to developers, the company is also recruiting new project managers. It can be concluded that the scale of this project is definitely not small, and it should be at a very early stage. Recruiting so many developers seems to be a big vote for Monolith Soft.


According to the previous news, the sales of "Xenoblade Chronicles 2" and DLC are very gratifying. It can be said that the performance exceeds the expectations of Monolith Soft, especially the support of players in Europe and America, giving Monolith Soft a Surprise. In such a good situation, the development of the next RPG work by the studio to pursue the pursuit is also very worth understanding.

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