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Double USB car charger

Product category: iPhone4/4S/5
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Double USB  universal car charger



Product Introduction:

Delicate design; safe and fast charging; when connect cigar lighter, can charger for iPhone, iPad, iPod, MP4, PSP, GPS etc; double USB output, which enhance the applicability and practical applicability of the product; fashionable design; 2000mA input, which will provide the top service for your trip.

   Fashionable design

   Standard USB voltage output, automatic over current and overload protection function;

   Dedicated car charger IC design, which work stable and high efficient;

   Built- in safety protection function, can prevent product’s harm from accident;

   Independent defend electromagnetic anti-jamming circuit, won’t affect the normal use of the product’s function;

   FCC, CE approval, fire protection flame retardant material shell;

   Has USB cable can charge for many electronic products (include mobile phones/MID /PDA/MP3/MP4/GPS....);

   USB port has dust prevention.


Item No


Product Parameter

Input voltage12-24V DC

Output voltage5V±5% DC

Output currentMIN:1000mA±50mA MAX:2100mA±100mA


Blister hanging packing

Packing Size


Packing accessories

Double USB car charger*1, Specification*1

Product Feature

1. Double USB output port, max 2.1A output current, can use for iPad

2. Intelligent charging: Stable output current, trickle charge when charge to 85%

3. Five-star safety: CE approval, safe IC, environmental protection and non-toxic material

4. Green and Low-Carbon: one charger multi-purpose, cycle use, reduce purchase and abandon

5. With specification inside, guide you to use this product safely

Apply brands

1. 1A USB output port: For iPhone, iPod, PSP, GPS, Mobile phones

2. 2.1A USB output port: For iPad, MID

This product is only car charger head, without cable; please match the USB cable of your own device to charge.




1.    Please start the car first and then insert the car charger.

2.    After using or car flameout, please pull out the car charger.

3.    Don’t charge for the electronic products which are out of charging spec, when use the 2 port at the same time, suggest the total battery power of the charging products are less than 2100mA, for fear of any issue caused by out of spec.

4.     The product will fever when using, if won’t exceed 60 degree is normal phenomenon under normal room temperature.

5.    The product will stop working when over current, over temperature protection or short-circuit protection (automatic recovery when pull out car charger), now need to check whether the device is identical with the product parameter.



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