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For iPhone5 Lightning Data Cable

Product category: iPhone4/4S/5
Item No:Lightning Data Cable
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 For iPhone5 Lightning Data Cable

 1. Original chip, higher quality, win earlier chances.

2. Mini and convenient for bringing, noble and vogue

3. Cable Length: 1M, color is like original iPhone, beautiful appearance

4. With USB 2.0 port, quick input and output and chargeable function.

5. Exquisite production and good quality



New way for keeping connecting:

Making iPhone 5 to be slim, lighter it needs a key modification, so that it can change the 30 pin plug to be fresher, smaller. The new Lightning Data Cable with 8P comes out in this situation. There is a very good function that it can be used by both side.

 Lightning to 30-pin Adapter Adapter

In future, more and more iPhone accessories will be compatible with lightning. If you have some accessories for 30-pin plug, they can be connected with iPhone 5. It only needs to use Lightning to 30-pin Adapter.


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