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Martin mini car speakers

Product category: Headphone
Item No:NS-P610
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Martin mini car speakers


Function & Feature: 

1. This car model stereo speaker with exquisite appearance, aluminum alloy shell and Sprayed UV painting and rubber oil on interface. It shows bright color.

2. When you downloaded songs to mobile phone memory card or USB flash drive, and then put mobile phone memory card or USB flash drive insert into the audio jack place. The wonderful music will release from the top and bottom of the car, Let music play everywhere;

3. You can take it as the outdoor loudspeaker when you use audio line connected your cars and your computer, cell phone, MP3, etc;

4. It has radio function and own automatic search, the radio signal is depending on local radio signal intensity;

5. The model of detachable battery plate is NOKIA BL - 5 b;

6. When the speaker is under Play state, the headlights will light; when the speaker is under Charging state, the rear lamp will light. Very verisimilituded!
7. Multi function key: It can be directly adjust volume, performers, and models

8. Built-in huge bass film, which enhanse bass vibration function.



Technical parameters:

Output power: 2 w

Built-in to lift up the voice: 40MM4Ω3W

Input power: dc DC5V500MA

The biggest consumption current: 600MA

Frequency response: 100 Hz - 18KHZ

Sensitivity: 80 db ± 2 db

Signal-to-noise ration ≥80dB

Audio distortion: 0.3% or less


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