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PS3/PC 2IN1 Bluetooth Racing wheel

Product category: PS3
Item No:Bluetooth Racing wheel PS3809
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PS3/PC 2IN1 Bluetooth Racing wheel


Product features: 

1. Bluetooth for PlayStation3/PC 

2. F1 Style and Standard manual transmission shift options 

3. a strong G-clamp keeps the wheel rooted to the desk, even in the heat of a race 

4. auto- centering function  

5. PS button for direct access to the PS3 menu in PS3 

6. Realistic vibration feedback for effect-feeling on every crash, bump and turn 

7. All buttons located on the wheel are very quick resp 

8. Fully rubberized steering wheel with ergonomical designed grip and weight 

9. No receiver needed, the controller communicates with the console similar to the SIXAXIS or DualShock 3 controller  

10. Built-in Li-Ion battery

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